“It requires wisdom to understand wisdom: the music is nothing if the audience is deaf” – Walter Lippmann


This quote from Mr. Lippmann holds truth as many people that have not yet built up their understanding of this world may not truly appreciate deep philosophical ideas that help us become wiser. Wisdom is defined as the ability to think & act using experience, knowledge, understanding, common sense & insight. In all aspects of wisdom- philosophy has applicability in helping us attain wisdom. This lack of appreciation of philosophy might lead people to toss these ideas away before giving them some serious thought to find how certain philosophical ideas apply to their own life. It’s an unfortunate situation as our very existence is contingent on philosophical and mystical thought. Plenty of folks view philosophy as some kind of stand-alone subject when in fact – it is not a stand alone subject, but is something that is within all of us.

“We need wisdom to understand wisdom. To attain wisdom, we need to think philosophically. To think philosophically is to think like a human being.” – Irshad



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