The importance of asking “why” in adulthood

As I’ve grown older over the years, one striking thing that I’ve noticed in people is that that they ask the question “why” less & less as they age. On the other hand, whenever you speak to children they are always full of wonder and ask the question “why” to everything that is happening around them. Sometimes this can be a rather annoying for us adults but at the end of the day these kids gained a better understanding after asking this question.

I think that the question why is the most important that we can ask as it is the only question that leads us to a fundamental understanding of a subject that we are looking into. Also, as we ask this question we can think critically which will help us discover the truth instead of lies that might be blurring the truth.

So why do people stop asking the question “why” as they grow older? Here are several reasons to why I think this happens.

Asking why will hurt their ego

Many adults would rather maintain status quo rather than asking the question “why” as they think other people will see them as inferior due to their lack of understanding. In other words, as we get older we become more self-conscious of our surroundings in how we expect people to judge our actions.

Too many responsibilities & not enough time

This is a common one that I’ve heard where many adults say they just don’t have the time to really give certain ideas deep thought to understand their true nature due to their career, spouse, kids & other responsibilities that take up a portion of their day.

That annoying person that always asks “why’ in every situation

People don’t want to become that “person” who asks why to everything that is being said where other people roll their eyes as soon as this person asks a question. I’m sure most of you have encountered this kind of person at work or at school or in other social situations.

When we look at these reasons, are they really enough to prevent us from asking the question why? We should be mindful of our ego and have the awareness to ask this question, despite what other people think of us. No matter how many responsibilities we take on, we will always have enough time to ask this question for deeper understanding; even if that means answering the question over multiple days or weeks.  We can be moderate in asking this question after doing thorough research into a subject to avoid asking this question unnecessarily, leading to frustration of other members in our society.

No matter how old we get, we should always ask the question why. Without asking this question, we risk losing our ability to understand our world & we risk falling prey to the potential falsehoods that give the illusion of truth.


Thank you for reading.






5 Replies to “The importance of asking “why” in adulthood”

    1. That’s very true, as we grow older our time seems to always be spent in taking care of our other responsibilities. I guess as long as we’re mindful of the ability to understand things in greater depth, we can try to incorporate questions of understanding within our daily lives.

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  1. Well said….. You never stop learning until your demise.
    I’m always into learning new things . I’ll ask why until I’ve learned everything that I can. I don’t care what other people think, never did, never will.
    Knowledge is power!

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