Nature is Beautiful

As I walk through the forest, I can see water dampened leaves glistening in the sunlight from the summer rains of yesterday. Everything looks so calm & tranquil in this place – the birds go about their day chirping in the trees, the squirrels are busy gathering food for colder months to come & the plants are enjoying the majesty of our Sun . I sit in the middle of all these little things taking place and just appreciate how beautiful our world truly is.

I feel alive when I’m embraced by Nature’s full glory,

I feel calm seeing Nature’s way of life,

I feel enlightened after realizing I’m a part of this Nature.

There is true beauty in Nature’s simplicity.



Happy Monday everyone!


4 Replies to “Nature is Beautiful”

      1. It’s breathtaking πŸ™‚ like, you finally understand that you are just something small of something huge, but at the same time you feel safe and protected. That was when I realised that nature is my home.

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