How I define Philosophy

When asking people to describe what they think philosophy is, a lot of individuals have a tendency to feel that it is the discussion of overly complicated ideas that are rather cryptic and difficult to understand. In some instances, these people would be correct as there are many philosophers that love these kinds of “up in the clouds” style of discussion.

However, I’ve always viewed philosophy in the ancient Greek context where a philosopher is just a lover of wisdom & knowledge. From this perspective, we as human beings are all philosophers as it is a rather natural thing for us in wanting to attain knowledge and become wiser throughout our lives. I’ve never viewed philosophy as a subject exclusively for sophisticated people, but rather a subject that is within our human nature.

If we start to view philosophy from this perspective, we will realize that philosophy can be the discussion of any topic varying from very simplistic to very complicated – which is fine, since it is all for the pursuit of knowledge & wisdom. I’d like to close by leaving you with a few remarks:

It is within us to always wonder what our universe actually is.

It is within us to always ask the question why.

It is within us to always find Truth.

Thank you for reading.






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