Exploration of the Mind

Hello everyone, I appreciate the time you spend in reading my posts! Without further delay, let’s get started.

Many people spend plenty of time trying to travel to different areas of the world or they are trying to explore places within their own neighbourhoods to gain new experiences of the external world.

However, have you spent time trying to explore your own mind in a quiet dark room with your eyes closed to understand who you truly are?

Most people are fearful of this idea of contemplating in complete silence as they fear a thought might pop up in their mind which they were not expecting. For this reason, they are constantly trying to find other forms of stimulation in their daily lives to avoid these kinds of deeper thoughts.

I’ve personally found this experience very enjoyable and insightful as it has allowed me to gain a profound understanding of who I am and what really makes me tick. In my personal opinion, I believe that the exploration of our own minds is even vaster than the exploration of our planet as our mind has the capability to contemplate the entire universe.

Here are some of my realizations after undertaking this exploration:

  • I am no longer “I”, but instead I am starting to see myself in everything within our existence. I exist within you, and you exist within me – we are connected within this reality.
  • Life is not at all complicated, but is instead incredibly simple when we look at the operations of nature. There is beauty within this simplicity.
  • The attainment of ultimate knowledge of the inner workings of our universe is one of my life goals.

Please give this exploration idea a try and you never know what you might find out about yourself or your understanding of reality.

Thank you for reading.

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