Interesting Thoughts #5: World Population

Have you recently taken a look at how many humans are on this planet?

The number is 7,405,107,650 as of July 2017 according to the CIA World Factbook.

That’s right –  there are over 7.4 billion people on this planet.

If we look at the net growth rate by taking the birth rate and the subtracting the death rate, we can see that the human population is growing at 148 people every minute as provided by the World Factbook. Let’s take this number a few steps further:

Population growth rate every hour: 8,880 people

Population growth rate every day: 213,120 people

Population growth rate every year: 77,788,800 people

It’s fascinating to see that the population is growing at almost 78 million people per a year and that growth rate is still climbing. What’s that number going to look like 25 years from now? Is the growth rate going to be closer to 100 million by then?

Here’s a chart that shows the population around the year 1300 to approximately the year 2000:

World Population

When we look at this chart, we can see that the human population was below 1 billion around the year 1300 and we can see that there’s a steep climb up to the year 2000, where the population reached approximately 7 billion.

Taking a step back a looking at this chart, it’s incredible at how fast the population exploded around the 1900’s and has been growing rapidly since then.

I believe that this rapid population growth leads to a few interesting questions; questions that I’ll leave for you to find your own answer:

Is the population growth sustainable into the future? If so, how can it be sustained?

Does the value of a human life diminish as the the population grows or is every single life just as valuable regardless of the population size?

Would it be morally & ethically justified to implement measures to control & regulate population growth or should it be up to the people to decide how many children they have?

Thank you for reading.





Photo Credit(s):

World Population chart by Matt Lemmon:


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