A greater focus on Success rather than failure.

As we interact with people on a daily basis, it’s very easy for us to focus in on what other people did wrong instead of what they did right. Even as we recall people, we usually remember where they made mistakes instead of what they did correctly throughout the day.

As we self-analyze on how are are individually, the tendency to focus on faults is very apparent here as well as we have a predisposition to remember the negative parts of our day rather than the positive events that likely took place.

If we are cognizant of this tendency to focus on faults, then we change the way we think and concentrate on what went right instead of what went wrong in our own lives and our judgement of others.

If we can integrate this into our lives through practice, this way of thinking about ourselves and other people will benefit us individually as it allows us to change our views to have a more positive outcome; leading to an encouraging attitude towards life.

We have the power to make this change in our thoughts – only if we learn to recognize it.

Thank you for reading


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