The Concept of God

Is there such an entity as God? If so, what is the nature of God?

Is God a human-like being who is located somewhere in our universe?

Is God something that exists within everything, thus is indistinguishable from our perception?

Could an object like the Sun be considered God as it is the source of life on Earth?

Or is there no God with the belief that all existence within our reality derives from a spontaneous unknown source?

Looking at this from a different perspective, do we humans have the capability to answer the question of “is there such an entity as God” since no individual holds true understanding of an universe that is roughly 13.5 billion years old? Are we being ignorant of this tremendous time span when trying to answer this question with our human-centered explanation?

Could it be that concept of God is just a convenient way to answer the unknowable questions about our reality?

If not, what is the true nature of the concept of God?




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