Two sides to every story?

When it comes to understanding the truth for a given event, a phrase that is often used is that people should listen to “to both sides of a story” and other similar sayings such as “each coin has two sides”.

Are there only two sides or are people confining themselves to this way of thinking?

I think that this idea of a two sided story is flawed as it leads people to assume that there are only 2 sides, when in fact, there are many sides as each person will bring their own perspective to what actually occurred. To complicate matters further; people telling their side of the story will likely have a different explanation each time that they’re asked based on their mood, their mindset & how much they actually remember from the event.

Based on this reality where there are far more than just two sides to a story, I think the best we can do to find closest answer to the truth is to gather as many interpretations as we can and then come to a conclusion based on the common answers and our perception of these answers.

Thanks for reading.


3 Replies to “Two sides to every story?”

    1. That’s right Abdul, once we begin to view the many aspects of a story, it’s much easier to approach the narrative that presents the greatest truth.


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