From “Nice To Have” to Necessity

Isn’t it interesting how many of the technologies we use today began as an a nice to have item that steadily transformed into an item of necessity?

To help bring clarity to this idea, here are several examples in our modern society where we can view this transformation.

The creation of the Automobile

At the time of invention of the automobile, it was more of a nice to have item since it provided increased travelling distance &  higher speeds over conventional means of transportation such as horse & carriage. However, in our modern age the mobility of an automobile has become a necessity for many of us as the distance between our jobs, houses and shopping centers has become too great and is generally inaccessible for many of us without the use of an automobile.

The development of the Cellphone

For the cellphone, it too started as something that was nice to have as people found enjoyed the convenience and its uses in emergency situations. Nowadays, everywhere you look, people constantly gazing down at their cellphones. It’s become a necessity in people’s lives where they are unable to put away this device.

The usage of Personal Computers

When computers were first developed, the knowledge of using a computer was generally considered nice to have as people didn’t need to operate a computer to meet their life requirements. In our modern society, people that don’t know how to operate a computer are generally unable to fulfill these life requirements as most jobs require computer knowledge and many banks & businesses are converting over to online based transactions, making computer knowledge a necessity.

Where do you see this transformation taking place from nice to have to necessity?

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