Interesting Thoughts #4: Perspective

It’s often said that if we want to understand a person, we need to look at ideas from their perspective.

However, can we truly comprehend ideas from another persons perspective since we can never view ideas from their exact viewing angle?



7 Replies to “Interesting Thoughts #4: Perspective”

  1. I guess, that no, we can’t. Because every person view the world through their own reality there really is no way we can look exactly through their eyes, but we can try our best. And trying to understand someone else really is what one calls compassion.

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  2. I don’t think it’s fully possible, but I do think listening, communicating, and showing empathy is a great start to get as close as possible.

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    1. You’re right Reggie, if a person has the ability to empathize by trying to place themselves into someone else’s perspective, then this person is on the path of gaining the greatest understanding of that person by listening and communicating thoughtfully.


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