If you didn’t know your Age

If you didn’t know old you were, how would you measure your age?

  • What methods could be employed to determine this?
    • Maybe you’ll base it off of how you feel inside?
    • Or do you rely on how you look visually?
    • Alternatively, you might determine it by assessing significant events as milestones?

What about your conduct around other people? If you didn’t know old you were, is it possible to actually “act your age”? How would you know when to act like a teenager, a young adult or as a senior?

Is there the possibility that we’re limiting our own capabilities & desires by aging ourselves? If a person is 60 years old, but feels like a young adult, should they also act like they’re 60 or behave as if they’re young? Because of their numeric age, they might be restricting themselves by trying to fit into the expected behaviour as someone who is 60 years old.

Isn’t it interesting that numerous decisions are made based on a persons age, yet the very nature of a persons true age is reliant on many other intrinsic & extrinsic factors?






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