The Fear of Mistakes

We are told that we learn best when learn from our own mistakes, so why do we still fear making mistakes?

What could be the source behind this fear?

  • Is it that we might fail?
  • Is it the fear that we will be criticized by other people?
  • Is it the possibility that we might end up feeling fear when we take actions beyond what we think we are capable of?

If we learn to recognize the source of our fears, we can then proceed to study from our mistakes instead of worrying about making a mistake in the first place. More often than not, this fear turns out to just be a irrational reaction to a situation rather than a reaction that is based on rational thought.

Going back to the three potential sources of fear behind mistakes mentioned earlier, here’s a little bit of perspective behind each one:

  • Without failure, we would never be able to truly learn and appreciate what we know about our world.
  • Without criticism from others, we might become ignorant to our own behaviour and habits since we would lack the ability to understand the criticism to positively improve our approach.
  • Without the fear of surprising ourselves, we would not be able to revolutionize our thoughts in growing our overall understanding of existence.

It all comes down to perspective; we have the ability to closely look at these “mistakes” to reveal the beauty in how they can help us become better human beings.

The next time you’re about to make a “mistake”; try to think about what can go right and the benefits of the mistake, rather than the fear of what could go wrong.





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