If we attained Immortality

If we attained immortality, would we want to live forever or would we want an end to life?

What if our true enjoyment of life comes from the fact that we know at some point we will perish? Just knowing that our time is limited might be enough reason for us to put an importance in enjoying life. Think about when people say “life is short, enjoy every moment while you can”. Would this saying still be true if we knew that we would live on forever? For many things we do, it seems like we have a propensity to enjoy things that only last for short duration of time. When we go on vacation, would that vacation still be deeply enjoyable if we knew that it would go on forever?

Would things become mundane or would humans have the capability to continue learning new things to validate our existence? Or do we have an innate drive to continue living even if things become mundane? Maybe the continuance of human existence will go far beyond the usual and will become a search for higher knowledge as the main motivational factor.

I write about this topic since the potential for scientists to figure out the secret to immortality is becoming more realistic with all of the advances in the field of biology & chemistry. I doubt this breakthrough will happen anytime soon, but I think that it’ll likely happen sometime in the future. This idea of “immortality” is fascinating as there is much more that could be said about the implications on human population if we lived forever and our concept of danger would change knowing that we would live on indefinitely.

If you became immortal, what would keep you going?

Would you continue, or would you want an end to life?

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