The truth about Diamonds: A marketer’s best friend

This morning I was drinking my usual cup of of coffee while watching the news before heading to work when an advertisement come up from one of the local jewellers during the commercial break – to summarize the ad, it went something like this:

“When you buy the woman you love a Diamond ring; it truly shows her how much you love her.”

“Buying your man a Diamond ring reveals your commitment towards him.”

I’ve been seeing these kinds of ads for years and I didn’t understand why many people believe that a naturally occurring rock such as a Diamond can represent such strong ideas such as commitment & love.

I did some research on how Diamonds became the symbol of love several years ago and I found out that a company named De Beers actually designed a marketing strategy to express Diamonds as a symbol of love and commitment back in the early 1900’s. De Beers is currently among the largest international Diamond production and Diamond retailing companies today worth billions. In essence, they originally designed this idea of incorporating  “love and commitment” with Diamonds to manipulate the market, but it ultimately ended up as a psychological necessity in our modern society.

I’m not against the purchase of Diamonds as people have a right to treat themselves & others. However, I personally believe that if you want to show people your love and commitment towards them, you can show them this by taking good care of them and really appreciating who they are and always maintaining your loyalty & integrity unconditionally.

Thank you for taking the time in reading this.





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