Interesting Thoughts #3: Will we still be considered a Conscious being or Machine?

Hello everyone, hope you folks are having a wonderful day.

From one of my musings, here’s a thought experiment that I developed with several questions in which I compare a Conscious human being against an inanimate machine. I thought I’d put it on here for your viewing pleasure.

If the inner workings & secrets of the brain are one day found out – could we still call ourselves conscious beings or would we then be considered a machine?

How could we differentiate ourselves from a machine when we would know the predictable movements of a human; just like the predictable movements of a mechanical apparatus?

Would the pursuit of this knowledge by neuroscientists be the greatest triumph to humankind, or will this knowledge lead to us to disaster?

Would the idea of “artificial intelligence” no longer exist as all forms of “intelligence” would be fully known? 

How would we know that the thoughts we are thinking about are not manufactured by someone else?

What kinds of benefits would humanity reap from this knowledge?

Maybe the brain is something incorporeal, which cannot be understood within the limitations of human knowledge?






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