How I define a “Wealthy” Person

When asked to define a wealthy person, the answer generally goes something like this: “someone that has a lot of money & high net worth”. For this common answer, I think there is a fundamental flaw in this view as it pushes people to pursue money as it is seen as something worthwhile – when it reality, money is just a object made by humankind, it does not speak to what people really are and their true wealth.

I’ve always viewed wealth broadly in which money takes a very low position as it is just a construct made by people. I feel like there are many other facets in life that makes a person wealthy rather than just the common monetary view. To me, a person is wealthy from the perspective of intrinsic humans properties a person possesses rather than something extrinsic like money, social status & other external factors.

A person is wealthy if they possess many of the following character traits:

Kind & Responsible to people, nature & to themselves and always hold themselves accountable for actions they take.

Mindful of their surroundings; always aware & always thinking about how their actions will effect the present moment.

Empathetic in the sense that this person has the capacity to feel what another person is feeling and really can place themselves into “the other persons shoes”

Honest in their answers & always acts with integrity when questioned, or at least makes a conscious effort in behaving in the best possible way.

Creative approach to turning imaginative ideas into practical reality. Has the creativity to think “outside the box” for even the most basic ideas.

Self-Aware of their own feelings, desire and has the ability to look within themselves for answers. When speaking with people they manage their speech & physical gestures for the purpose of creating an overall positive impression.

A student of life in the sense that this person knows that they can never truly know everything about how our universe works. With this approach, this person can never be arrogant as they realize how little they actually know.

I view these traits as a great forms of wealth as they are becoming scarce in our world. You can acquire money by many means – the same can’t be said about the traits mentioned above as they come from within ourselves.

This is what I think is true wealth is.








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