A guide to attaining calmness of Mind – Part 1

If a decade ago, someone had asked me about my mental state, without hesitation, I would’ve told them that I’m in a very dark place. The reason behind my anxiety back then was caused by the fact that I had a lack of understanding of myself. I bring up this topic because I know many people struggle with this issue which might also lead them to have anxiety problems or other more serious complications.

I want to help people by discussing the solution that helped me reach a state of calmness to overcome my anxiety and live a productive & fruitful life.

When people discuss anxiety issues, one leading causes seems to be that people do not know who they themselves are. What I mean by this is that people don’t understand what they truly desire from life, what their sense of purpose is & why things actually matter to them.

I think that this is a fundamental issue in human society is that we are generally given external answers such as the use of pharmaceutical drugs, recreational drugs or material objects such as cars & money to try and fix these problems. I do not think this approach works as it all does is conceal the underlying problems rather than fixing them.

For me, I attained inner peace by looking at internal questions that had caused my anxiety. Questions such as:

What am I supposed to be doing?

What is the purpose of my life?

When I was thinking about these kinds of questions, it really felt like I was singled out in the world and I was the only one that was thinking about these kinds of things. As you can imagine, it was very difficult time as I was only 18 years old back then, and I did not know how to go about reconciling these kinds of thoughts. Now being 28 years old, I know that these kinds of questions are common questions that many people ask.

My approach to overcoming this anxiety was a process of trying to answer these questions over several years by looking at them from different perspectives instead of trying to avoid them and letting them linger in my thoughts. This time, I’ll list those questions mentioned above again, but this time with the kinds of answers I found.

What am I supposed to be doing?

I realize that in life nothing is truly expected of me, the only that matters is the fact that I am alive. As long as I’m alive, I have the ability to be doing anything that I desire. I am born with the capability to think about anything I desire. My life is an open book to which I am the author.

What is the purpose of my life?

I have no set purpose. If I had an objective purpose in life, I would be no different than a machine. Instead, I have the dynamic purpose of trying to understand our universe and all of its inner workings by learning as much as I can. I find comfort as I know the Earth existed long before me and will exist long after me, when I touch the Earth, I find comfort in its Perennial nature as I was born from it and one day will return to it.

These realizations of freedom, vastness & the immensity of the Earth helped me attain mental calmness as I started to view the world more like a canvas of learning & involvement rather than something that is set in stone.

Based on my own experience, I think the best solution to helping people deal with their anxiety and improve their mental wellness is if they take the time to really look within themselves. If people started to look within rather than trying to find external answers, they can then start to narrow down the kinds of questions that are affecting their mental balance . Once the root causes are revealed, I truly believe that people can then find peace by finding the answers to who they truly are.

I will continue discussing this in a later post where I will discuss other kinds of questions and I will also go into greater detail into concepts that I mentioned in this article. My intention is to keep these posts relatively short & concise.

Thank you for taking the time to read this.

– Irshad




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