Simple Advice to Happiness

After spending many years talking with people from different countries, backgrounds & cultures – I’ve come to understand that happiness is something that is derived from within people and not from external materialistic items such as expensive possessions and large amounts of wealth. From the answers people gave on what made them happy, in this article I will specifically talk about one answer that the majority of people gave.

What was that answer?

 “I am happy in life as I have very few wants”

The reason why I think that this answer is one of the keys to happiness is due to the fact that many people go throughout their lives constantly wanting and are never truly happy with what they currently have. I believe that if people started to appreciate their current situation more, the majority of people would be happier as they would then have an “end” to their wants. Once people recognize that there is an “end”, I think that people would have a much easier time attaining inner peace and happiness.

Another reason to why I found this answer amazing is that Epicurus, an ancient Greek  philosopher that lived a almost 2400 years ago also gave similar advice! To quote him, Epicurus said “If thou wilt make a man happy, add not unto his riches but take away from his desires.” As I’m sure you’ve noticed, his belief is very similar to the answer I got as he also thought that people can be happier in their lives if they reduce their desires. I find his thought astounding as it is completely relevant in our  modern world & society, even though this is something that he had said so long ago.

I just wanted to write this article as I truly to believe that this simple advice can help us all attain greater happiness. I have personally incorporated this idea into my own life and I can definitely say that I am happier because of it!

Please let me know what makes you happy by leaving a message in the comments below!!


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