Philosophy & the Mind – Introduction

Hello everyone, my name is Irshad, I would like to introduce myself as a person that has always had a curious appetite for anything and everything that is philosophical in nature.  I dedicate this page to explaining different philosophical ideas in a simplistic way, using analogies that we can all use to improve our mental state and ultimately our Mind. Let me start this blog with my favorite quote that changed my life forever.

“All I know is that I know nothing” . — Socrates


The reason why I believe that this quote profoundly impacted me is in its concise and simplistic nature and its long reaching implications on everyday life – let me explain. Before I heard this quote(which was about 6 years ago while attending college), I believed that I had figured out and understood how the world worked in a general sense, which can be considered a common viewpoint that many people hold. It was after I had heard Socrates’ quote “All I know is that I know nothing” in an Ancient Philosophy lecture  where I really s tarted to think critically about what I really knew about the world. As I thought about this deeper and deeper, I began to realize that I knew very little about the world at large and even more startling, I even realized that at that point, I did not even know myself that well.

For this reason I dedicate this blog to expanding everyone’s knowledge about different viewpoints on the World through varying philosophical thought to help people understand the world and themselves a little better. To deliver these philosophical ideas, I firmly believe in using analogies and examples to hopefully make it easier to understand some of these ideas.

Thank you for joining me in this Journey to explore Philosophy from many perspectives to help people live more fulfilled and balanced lives. This is only the beginning to something awesome!!


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